Laminated glass for safety

These videos show you that why you should use laminated glass for shops or shower booth. Laminated glass is considered extremely safe as they do not shatter easily and prevent damage from flying objects. They protect from minor explosions and are considered to be highly effective in preventing theft. Furthermore, Furthermore, Furthermore, Our laminated glass gives you a beautiful designs usuing a various materials as you can see http://www.bioglas.co.kr/


Laminate glass with pressed flower

Enjoy this beautiful laminated glass with natural flower/plants inside


laminate glass for glass

Laminated glass having dried natural flowers in the interlayer

Decorative Laminate glass for doors

This decorative glass is a premium product, a memorable beauty to anchor your door installation.

Laminate glass with beautiful flowers and plants

Decorative transparent and translucent laminated glass panels, capturing an array of natural materials between sheets of real luminous glass. This glass can be used for the wide range of architectural applications including doors glass, patitions, table top,etc.

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